Hologram recombination machines are used to transfer the image from the Nickel shim (master) to special plastics namely polycarbonate sheets. The transfer quality on the plastic is highly dependent on the temperature, pressure and machine used. A bigger master can be made from smaller master using this machine.

Product Description

specification :

    Recombining Area     :     400 mm x 400 mm
    Plastic Sheet Area     :     430 mm x 43 0mm
    Maximum Image Size     :     30 mm x 30 mm
    Working Pressure (Hydro-pneumatic Cylinder)     :     4 tons
    X – Y Stage travel     :     400 mm x 400 mm
    Controller     :     PC and Manual – Front Panel Controller
    Resolution     :     10 microns
    Heater     :     Electrical heater controlled by microcontroller
based temperature controller with digital display.
    Maximum Temperature     :     150°C
    Power Supply Required     :     230 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
    Construction     :     Solid Steel construction