In the commercial world, there are generally, three types of holograms, film holograms ,photopolymer and embossed holograms. Embossed holograms are most common hologram products and can be easily mass produced by embossing. They are widely used for security, labels, packaging, and display purposes. To produce embossed holograms, we have to make holography nickel master origination first.

Holography master origination is one piece of nickel shim which made in a laboratory by master shooting system(2D/3D or Dot-matrix) using laser light , advanced optics, and photosensitive glass. Holographer records holography image created by master shooting system onto photosensitive glass and coat the glass with silver layer for electronic forming. This is process to make a master origination. After electronic forming, we’ll get one piece of holography nickel shim which records holography images and other information(for example, E-beam or Mole hidden text) in 2D/3D or Dot-master effect. This is called master origination. Then we can duplicate lots nickel copy shims from this origination by electronic forming.

Product Description

Our Dot-Matrix machine is one of the best dot mastering machines available for security holography, in terms of features and resolution. These mastering machines produce ultra high security Dot-Matrix glass master holograms Quick in-house origination of high security master holograms from computer generated image content. The system also has honeycomb vibration isolation with pneumatic legs, to avoid possible external noise vibrations. This Dot Matrix Hologram Master Lab is applicable for making any kinds of Dot Matrix Design available Internationally.

All kinds of the Hologram masters can be developed with our powerful Hologram mastering system and recombination system. These masters are designed for both narrow web Machine(Hologram Printer) and soft wide web Machine(Hologram Printer) to produce embossed Hologram Sampless and Hologram packaging materials.

The standard image sizes for the masters are 6″ x 6″, 12″ x 12″, 19″ x 26″, 36″x 40″ and 36″ x60″. The larger image size masters can be achieved for the special requirement of the customer. Master in size of 6″ x 6″ is used to produce holography Sticker mostly.

We offer an sophisticated range of Hologram techniques to meet all levels of security and all your products promotional needs.

2D/3D——–2D/3D holography master origination just has one layer Hologram image,. It doesn’t have any other layers other than on surface. 2D Hologram has several color Hologram image or text on surface, without “virtual depth”, but very shining, especially, it’s big rainbow area. Most of flip-flop effect and most true color image is 2D on surface because it has best shininess.

Typically, there are 2 or 3 layers in one 2D/3D design. One layer is on the surface, other layers are in the mid-ground and background or floating. The effect is much like the flat scenery in a theatrical play arranged at different distances from the front of the stage to create the illusion of depth.

2D/3D Holographys have been intensively used on the commercial securities. The depth between the levels is the most important features of 2D/3D Hologram. Good 2D/3D Hologram Stickers has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer.

2D ——– 2D/3D holography master origination just has one layer Hologram image,. It doesn’t have any other layers other than on surface. 2D Hologram has several color Hologram image or text on surface, without “virtual depth”, but very shining, especially, it’s big rainbow area. Most of flip-flop effect and most true color image is 2D on surface because it has best shininess.

FLIP-FLOP ——– Flip-flop effect is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. It’s also called two channel effect of 2D/3D. Flip-Flop Hologram can display two images from different viewing angle. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the Hologram.

Floating ——– Floating effect is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. Floating image or text floats highly above the surface, which causes the image has movement effect contrast to hologran images on other layer. It also has some kind of flip-flop effects if the floating image has big viewing angle.

2D/3D Kinetic Movement ——– 2D/3D Kinetic movement Hologram image composed by at least 3 viewing angle(color) lines(images) in some certain sequence. Every line(image) has its own viewing angle, so lots lines can have kinetic movement effect. Kinetic movement effect made by 2D/3D master shooting system doesn’t have so good movement effect as Hologram made by Dot-matrix master shooting system because 2D/3D kinetic movement effect is composed of Hologram lines, not millions of dots as Dot-matrix Hologram has.

True color ——– True Color image is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. True Color Hologram is made up of photographic quality art-work, especially, of high resolution photo of people. If counterfeiters can’t get the original photo, they can’t duplicate Hologram close to original Hologram. It’s a very good way to achieve anti-counterfeit performance by true color Hologram.

Dot Matrix ——– Dot-matrix Holography original master created using a high resolution dot structure (600 DPI, usually). Viewed under a microscope, the kinetic dot-matrix Holography images reveals thousands of tiny sub-micron grooves over a minuscule area.

Dot-matrix Hologram effect has a broader viewing angle than other 2D/3D holograms, So dot-matrix holograms used to create interesting kinetic effects in the holography. It. The dot-matrix Hologram have lots kinds of kinetic movement as we can image and discribed by cumputer.

Resolution for security grade holograms typically begins at 400 dpi and goes higher(600 dpi, 1000 dpi and higher). Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the more expensive it is to produce the master Hologram. Also, larger images increase costs as a result of the increase in the number of pixels which must be generated. Usually, maxinum single dot-matrix unit size we can made and recombine is 50mm*50mm.

There are two kind of Hologram hidden text or Image. These two kinds of hidden features improve the Hologram Sampless security feature agaist counterfeit strongly. One is laser readable hidden text(image). It’s also called E-beam hidden text too. Another is Mole hidden text or image.

Mole hidden text or image security feature ——- Mole hidden text or image security feature ——- Mole Hologram hidden text(image) is advanced digital technology by encrypt a digital codes to encoding each dot of the images. Mole hidden text or image contains unique encrypted images or text, invisible to the naked eye. Mole hidden text just can be detectable by means of decode film when you cover it onto Hologram Sticker. The hidden text or image will appear when you put decode film onto it. Please click here to see Sample. Click here to see Mole Hologram hidden Sample

E-beam hidden text or image security feature——- E-beam hidden text (image) is another advanced holography technology which make hidden image(text) directly in Hologram master too. Hidden image(text) is invisible to naked eye without encryption reader(laser pointer). It’s just can be seen with help of laser pointer. The hidden text (image) will be reflected out of the Sticker when you light a laser pointer point to it.Click here to see E-beam Hologram hidden Sample

2D/3D and Dot-matrix combination——- 2D/3D and Dot-matrix combination——- Combining 2D/3D and dot-matrix methods into a hybrid Hologram can be very effective in combining the broader viewing angle of movement effect dot-matrix Hologram and brightness and ‘viewing depth’ of 2D/3D Hologram. With the “virtual depth” in 2D/3D Hologram and movement dot-matrix effect, combination can create an impact that has extra-ordinary viewing effects and also security features.

We also can recombine all Hologram feature into one master. For example, we can add two hidden image(text) feature into 2D/3D and Dot-matrix combination. To do that, we have to arrange good design because not all design is suitable to combine several Hologram feature together.

Flashlight feature——- Flashlight effect has new tech high security and eye catching beautifulness of Hologram. It’s new tech with high security and with special beam effect. The flash light looks like a torch beam come from the very deep background. Color with great pureness and shape of beam gets bigger and smaller smoothly with viewing angle changing. It won’t have overlap with other images which located above it. It improves beautify and security of Hologram!

Stereogram Hologram can create a 3D effect of an object or show a small “movie clip” action sequence, especially having good effect to make people’s head image into stereogram.

Detailed Specifications of Equipment:

A. Dot matrix system with 125000 DPI. Micro-Pattern Design
B. Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating.
• 2D Color Hologram
• 2D / 3D color hologram
• 3 D true color stereoscopic hologram
• True color Hologram, portrait
• Dynamic optical hologram
• The multichannel holograms variable field of Hologram
• Laser encryption graphics anti-counterfeiting can 4 images at the same time, May 256,
• Miniature word, super miniature words and images
• Lens effect
• Micro-Text / Nano Text : 50 Micron Plus
• Sand silver, white
• Embossment, platinum reliefs
• Droplets
• Unit rectangle hexagonal shape
• Hidden Text
• Guilloche Effect
• Pearl Effect
• Animation
• Switch Text Effect
• Rays Effect
• Sparkling Effect
• 2D Animated Text
• Gradient
• Channel Switch
C. The Photo Resist Glass size: 200 mm X 250 mm X2.5 mm
D. The hologram size: 165 mm X 165 mm [Max]
E. Laser: optical semiconductor laser, the output power of 100 mw, the wavelength of 405 nm crystal imaging system,unit: 0.20* 0.15mm.Speed 3 cm2 / hour
F. The lithography resolution: 100000 dpi /125000dpi
G. Repeat positioning accuracy: 165 mm X 0.5 um trip, Y axis 0.5 um trip 165 mm 7 axis control computer
H. There are five kinds of patterns such as high frequency, low frequency and more low frequency
I. The same model or different kinds of automatic recording
J. Can be in a specific location and memorization
K. Approx Dimension: 1500mm X 1500 mm X 1000 mm
L. Weight: 450 Kg.