Hologram coating machine for hologram hot stamping foil and holographic sticker as well. This machine has automatic side guide for unwind and rewind. The drying hot air cycles in the heating container by fan and heater. Unwind and rewind tension control helps hologram foil to be coated and laminated smoothly for die-cutting and slitting.

Product Description


Mufti-function coating and compounding machine, this machine and net pattern coating, scraping, coating and reverse coating in one of the efficient mufti-function coating and compounding machine its basic composition is: two unwinding parts scraping, scribing, coating and reverse coating parts main drum composite parts winding parts frame cover parts electrical control parts.

Performance Parameters of the Machine

1. Effective width 250mm; guide roller surface 3002. Net weight of the machine: Kg;3. Machine length X width X height;4. Running mechanical speed: 0 ~ 30m / min (adjustable);5. Working voltage: AC 380V 50Hz;6. The total power of the host is about 35 Kw; 7. Main drive power: 0.75X2 = 3Kw;8. Winding power: 0.1Kw;9. Electric heating power: Kw;10. Inner diameter of standard paper tube for rewinding and unwinding: 3 ”11. The maximum unwinding 450mm;12. Maximum winding diameter 450mm;

  1. Two sets of unwinding
  2. Unwinding adopts constant tension sensor detection, tension controller control, magnetic powder brake implementation of closed-loop tension control mode, tension control simple operation, high precision;
  3. Unwinding adopts mechanical expansion shaft to avoid unnecessary leakage of air expansion shaft
  4. The trouble, durable, low maintenance costs;
  5. Unwinding adopts the rectification control system independently developed by Zhonghong for the holographic industry. The stepping motor is used in conjunction with the ball screw, which has the characteristics of high accuracy and fast response;
  6. The unwinding adopts cantilever structure, which is very convenient for loading and unloading.
  7. The maximum correction range is ± 50mm;
  8. The maximum roll diameter of unwinding is 450mm;
  9. Inner diameter of unwinding standard paper tube: 3 ”

II.Introduction of Coating

  1. The coating head adopts a double-wall panel structure. After the wall panel is mechanically tempered and then refined, the wall panel is stable and flat without deformation;
  2. The coating head adopts a multi-functional combination design, which can achieve different coating methods by simply disassembling and changing the cloth threading route. The coating methods are: knife coating, anilox coating, roller coating (reverse coating), suitable for water glue, solvent-based glue, suitable for full and partial width, and various glue thickness. And can also use the net coating function printing or background color.
  3. The main drive of the coating head adopts cycloid pin wheel reducer with high efficiency and stable transmission.

Low noise.

  1. The transmission adopts chain, which is accurate and reliable, and the maintenance cost is low;
  2. The control motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to display the speed accurately;
  3. The anilox roller adopts shaftless version, which is convenient and fast for loading and unloading;
  4. Scraping adopts the classic comma scraper, and has 4 scraper openings, which is more durable.
  5. Coating roller surface 320mm, roller diameter 150mm, anilox roller surface 320mm

Roll diameter 150mm;

  1. The hopper is made of stainless steel, which is durable.

III.Drying tunnel

  1. The overall design of the drying channel makes the insulation layer thick and reliable;
  2. The drying channel adopts c-type multi-loop design to make the material stay in the drying channel for as long as possible and make use of the heat of the drying channel as much as possible;
  3. The heating adopts far infrared radiation heating, which can be controlled by users according to their requirements.Different temperatures in different areas of the drying passage;
  4. Heating parameters: to be determined
  5. Length of the material in the drying passage: 10mm;
  6. Maximum temperature of the drying channel; 120 ℃;
  7. Two air outlets, provided by the fan user;