Dns-iran disperse dyes are suitable for dyeing Polyster & textile, We have carved a niche as one of the most prominent suppliers & provider of disperse dyes in Iran.  Disperse dyes offered by us are manufactured from genuine quality raw material, which is sourced from well known manufactures. Our range of disperse dyes are highly admired by all our high profile clients in the quality cautious market. Our disperse dyes are free from any non-toxic ingredients and thus are safe for usage.

List of Products :

Products Name C.I..No. Products Name C.I..No.
Yellow 10GN 400% Yellow 184:1 Scarlet RR Red 54
Yellow 8GF Yellow 82 Scarlet RR Red 54
Yellow C4G Yellow 79 Red RGL Red 202
Yellow 3G 200% Yellow 64 Pink REL Red 91
Yellow 4G 200% Yellow 236 D.Red 2B Red 167:1
Yellow 7GD Yellow 126 D.Brown 3BS 150% Brown Mix
Yellow 4GDL Yellow 211 Grey BRS Grey Mix
Yellow SG Yellow 114 Brown 3REL 100% Brown 1
Khakhi 2RBS Green Mix Green 2B Green Mix
Orange RL Orange 2 5 N.Blue 3G 200% Blue 79:1
Orange 3R Orange 44 N.Blue RE Blue 94
Orange 3R 150% Orange 44 Green 2RBS Green Mix
Yellow Brown 2RC 100% Orange 30 T.Blue BG 200% Blue 60
Yellow Brown 2RC 200% Orange 30:1 T.Blue IGL Blue
Pink RBSF Red 374 Blue SR 200% Blue 354
Red 6B Red Blue DBR 200% Blue 366
Red BS Red 152 Blue F2RL Blue 56
Pink SBN Red 364 Blue GSL Blue 165
Red F3 BS Red 343 Blue BRSL Blue Mix
Red 2BN 150% Red 60 Blue SE2RI 200% Blue 183
Red BF 200% Red 60 Blue 2R Blue 183
Red BEL Red 92 Blue 6G Blue 291
Scarlet 3R Red 50 Blue D2R Blue 73
Scarlet BR Red 153 Black BSL Black Mix
Red Violet FBL Red 26 Black RLS Black Mix
Violet 6R Red 11 Black EXNSF Black Mix
Red 3GE Red 277 Cobra Black Black Mix