Our security papers are engineered with advanced technologies to prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized reproduction. Security papers supply by DNS-IRAN incorporate a wide variety of security features that allow our customers to include different ones for the appropriate level of counterfeit and copy protection given the end requirements.


  • Color Stain and Signal to detect tampering with:
    • bleaches, oxidizers
    • solvents
    • acids, bases
  • Fluorescent fibers
  • Visible fibers
  • Advanced laser toner adhesion
  • True watermarks that cannot be copied
  • Optically dull or optically dead

Product Description

Watermark paper

The security watermark paper has embedded into his structure a design, more or less complex, which can be seen when the document is viewed in the daylight.

Besides the security feature role, the watermark is also a marketing element, giving a special image to the companies who used it for commercial correspondence. Major companies are using private watermark paper for writing valuable documents and business correspondence.

Watermark types:

Depending on how the watermark pattern is seen in the light there are:

  • white shade watermark – the drawing is composed of lines that appear lighter than the paper background;
  • dark shade watermark – the drawing is composed of lines that appear darker than the paper background;
  • double shade watermark – the drawing is composed of lines that appear both lighter and darker than the paper background;
  • portrait watermark – the drawing is composed by a multitude of line with different thicknesses and intensities creating a complex image.

Depending on the model position on the sheet of paper there are:

  • all-over watermark – uniformly distributed over the entire paper surface;
  • continuously placed watermark – uniformly distributed only in certain areas of a sheet of paper;
  • cut-to-register watermarkin which the design is placed at a certain distance from the edges of each sheet of paper.


  • SECURITY PAPER; tired of cheap, thin security papers that easily tear? Our Security Paper is a premium quality Federal CMS certified, copy and tamper proof paper, ideal for contracts and legal documents with three secure layers and full ink and laser printer compatibility
  • VOID PANTOGRAPH; available in blue for easy printing and reading, and includes a tamper resistant “VOID” pantograph on the front sheet which becomes visible when the original document is copied, together with background showing erasure alterations
  • REAR BACKING SHEET; every rear backing sheet includes full explanations as to the various, premium security features of each of our Security Papers, which easily disappears when copied
  • INKJET AND LASER PRINTER COMPATIBLE; perfect for business, legal and personal use, our Security Papers are fully compatible with ink jet and laser printers, allowing you to easily print detailed documents, contracts and certificates
  • LONG LASTING SUPPLY; each pack of our Security Paper provides a super long lasting 500 sheet supply, with each sheet measuring 8.5 inches x 11 inches! Meets and exceeds Federal CMS Guidelines! Click the Orange Button to order now.

The security paper is secured with security fibers, incorporated in its structure.

Security fibers may have distinctive characteristics such as: thickness, length, color, UV/IR activity, according to customer’s demand. The diversity of characteristics makes the custom paper to be specific for the client and the counterfeiting attempt to be discouraged.

Depending the fibers behavior in the visible/UV/IR spectrum there are:

  • fibres visible only in daylight
  • fibres visible only in UV light
  • fibres visible both in daylight and in UV light
  • fibres visible only in IR light
  • fibres visible both in daylight and in IR light
  • fibres visible in daylight, UV light and IR light
  • fibres visible at 3 different wavelength of UV
  • rainbow fibres

Security fibers can be used as unique security elements or combined with other security features.