​​​Electronic Passport components and solutions for government printing works

Product Description

Components and solutions

our offer is issuing machine-readable passports, electronic​​ passports​ or the latest generation of bio-metric passports.

  • Our core offer is Thales eTravel, our ICAO compliant secure embedded software, which offers the highest level of performance, and interoperability in the market.
  • Our Premium Inlay and Premium eCover are our ultra-thin and flexible inlays and electronic covers for easy integration in the booklet manufacturing process along with the support from our experts, and technical consultants for optimal results.
  • For security-conscious printers, we offer poly-carbonate data pages, for the highest level of security, and the use of innovative security features combining optical, and visual features.
  • We offer more than 40 different security features: visually appealing, very difficult to forge, and simple to verify with the naked eye or a scanner  These include unrivalled innovations, enabling almost limitless design potential to be combined with the highest level of security. Moreover, our design experts can help you define the optimum choice of features to fit your needs and requirements.