Leafy Green Systems

You can now grow any where, any time with innovative climate control technology and growing equipment

Product Description

Leafy Green System

You can now grow any where, any time with DNS AUTO system 40” Vertical Grow Containers. dns-vertical farming systems are ready to plug & grow just after supplying water and electricity.

DNS-40” Leafy Green System has 1.296 root holding capacity. You can manage it as you want.

Inside of the leafy green grow container has two or three parts according to different stages of the plant growth and growing plans of yours. System has UV (ultraviolet) and O(ozone) disinfection systems for air and water disinfections which are operating automatically like other parts of the system.

Leafy Green that can be grown in our systems:

  • Butterhead,
  • Oakleaf,
  • Lollorosso,
  • Romaine,
  • Cabbage Leaves,
  • Kale,
  • Asian greens,
  • Micro greens and many more.


  • Plug & Grow feature
  • Automatic climate control
  • High-efficiency Led Lighting
  • Automatic nutrient dosing system.
  • Recycling irrigation system with water filtration
  • Air flow system
  • Integrated UV and ozone disinfection systems.
  • Carbon Dioxide generator and controlling system
  • Dimensions: WxLxH: 2440 x 12190 x 2900mm.